Sail On.

The end of Monday.
May not be back in time for Tuesday.

Shredded Wheat

When three gets you the desired result!

Soul Food

Buy, arrange, photograph, cook, eat. K.I.S.S.

Step In

I finally figured out the true purpose of a tripod and cable release.
When you find yourself in the picture and behind the camera. 

Stocksy United!

Good news.
My images are now available to licence from Stocksy Uniteda picture library created nearly 3 years ago by the founder of iStock - Bruce Livingstone.
Stocksy operates as a co-operative with all the photographers having a say in company matters.
With tightly curated content, market savvy prices and a desire to pay photographers a fair royalty rate, it may just be the saviour of library photography.
Straightforward, easy to use and full of exclusive imagery, I whole heartedly recommend a look. 

All the above images are available to licence with prices starting from $15 and I`ll be adding more images to the collection every week. 

Plate Up.

It`s cold out, so I`m fueling up!


Win, Win, Win

Ok, it`s not technically a "win" but it sure beats the last time I won anything.
Bear with me, I`ll explain.

In my last year at primary school I bought the lucky ticket that got 3rd prize in the raffle.
I trudged home with a waterproof PVC coat that was meant to be used when riding your bike in the rain.
It covered not only the rider, the bike and a rucksack but also the ground beneath my wheels. 
It was XXL and I was 12.
To add insult to injury it was fluorescent yellow.
Everything else you need to know about that experience is summed up in the following sentence.
As I laid it on the kitchen table, my Mum said "That`s great, it`ll come in really handy."
Mum got the coat.
I`ve waited a few years to better it.

So a commended in the Landscape Photographer of the Year Awards 2015 maybe not a win in the strictest sense of the word but knocks that coat into the long grass. 

It`s not the easiest thing in the world to try and be a landscape photographer in London but there`s no harm in trying.


Lost. In more ways than one. Found on a hard drive from two years ago. No wind, no noise, no people. Minus 10 degrees and wondering if I was in over my head. Glencoe, Scotland. Good Times.