Something`s Not Right

This is not what I was expecting nor what I had in mind but Portland Bill has a mind of it`s own and weather to match.

Ok, I admit its not my usual colour plate but I have an excuse. When I reached Portland the sun was up and the wind was blowing but it all looked good so I wandered around for a while till I got my bearings. Another photographer set up nearby and we got talking while waiting for the sun to drop. By the time we`d covered pictures, family, driving and home towns, the explosion of light we`d hoped for had faded away and we shuffled back to the cars. Nothing had looked good on the back of the camera. I put my bags in the car, got in and checked the mirror before pulling out of the car park.
And realised I still had my sunglasses on.
So this is for Dave from Reading with the Gitzo tripod and the Audi, who has had his suspicions confirmed that all photographers from Hackney are bearded, delusional, hat wearing, wannabe hipster losers who think that landscape photography is so easy you can do it with your shades on.
Dave, I`m sorry!
Now I know why you were grinning when we shook hands.