Some long overdue colour in the city.


...through Hackney...seeing what Spring has to offer.

Into The Wild

Given the option, I`d travel far and wide....but on this occasion...Epping Forest is the stand in.


Home to world famous smoked kippers.
I thought that might get your attention.
Everyone should love a kipper.

The Poison Garden

A long distance email from Australia in October and I was off to Alnwick Gardens in Northumberland to photograph Trevor Jones, head gardener at the Poison Garden. Housing over 100 varieties of plants that will kill you stone dead, it`s kept secure with high fences and a locked gate by order of the Home Office.
Many thanks to Trevor for his time and to The Smith Journal for the commission.

Let it Ride

Walthamstow, 5th July, 2016.

Topsy Turvy

New work available at Stocksy.
Random but there you have it.